Installing and Using RaptoreumCore CLI

Windows (not installer version) #

  • Download Raptoreumcore: (the .zip not the .exe)
  • Unpack the files in directory of your choice.
  • Create the RaptoreumCore directory in “C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\RaptoreumCore”.
  • Create raptoreum.conf file is RaptoreumCore directory and add the following:

Save raptoreum.conf and navigate to the directory where you extracted your RaptoreumCore wallet files and open a terminal or powershell with shift + right click.


NOTE: raptoreumd needs to fully synchronized with the Raptoreum network before it can be used properly. You can either continue with this guide and let it synchronize from scratch. This can take anywhere from 4 hours to 12 hours. Or you can bootstrap the blockchain data described in the Bootstrap Doc.


Start raptoreumd and put as background process:

start -NoNewWindow raptoreumd.exe

Confirm that raptoreum is running:

ps raptoreumd


Checking if Synchronization Is Complete #

There are a few different ways you can tell if raptoreumd is fully synchronized with the network, this is important as it will function improperly and slowly until synced.

1.) CPU use: raptoreumd will use a fair bit of CPU while syncing. You can check with “ps raptoreumd” or task manager.

2.) Check the debug.log in your RaptoreumCore directory. You will see lines like:

2023-02-24T16:25:57Z UpdateTip: new best=ff0db6b3dffb26e9b6551b4709c3c94f7e4a210839a17b91ab59a1dc42e83161 height=513844 version=0x20000000 log2_work=52.10640251 tx=2652561 date=’2023-02-24T16:25:24Z’ progress=0.999999 cache=2.1MiB(13986txo) evodb_cache=0.0MiB


height=513844 shows current blockheight (must be one of the last lines). Compare that against “Heights” on the Raptoreum Explorer.


Using raptoreum-cli #

raptoreum-cli allows you connect to raptoreumd RPCs and get blockchain information and perform all available functions. you can see all available commands with:

./raptoreum-cli help

Help and example commands for specific commands can be seen with:

./raptoreum-cli help <command>



Stopping raptoreumd #

It is important that raptoreumd is stopped cleanly to avoid corruption of the blockchain data. If corruption happens it means you need to resync from scratch or bootstrap. The best way to stop raptoreumd is:

./raptoreum-cli stop