What is Raptoreum?

Raptoreum is a secure Proof Of Work (POW) Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFT platform that launched mainnet on February 26 2021 after a two year long testnet. Raptoreum had a fair mainnet launch, with no pre-mine, and no ICO.

Raptoreum is under constant development and is aiming to solve the following issues which are present on other Blockchain projects:

  • Smart Contracts – Raptoreum will allow for Smart Contracts to be written in common programming languages such a Java, Python, R, and Scala. This allows a large percent of the worlds current developers easy entry into Blockchain and Smart Contracts without needing to learn a new and unknown language such as Solidity.
  • Non Fungible and Fungible Tokens (NF / NFT) – Scalability is currently a common issues on Blockchains where NFTs are widely used. Ethereum is a prime example of this. Raptoreum is attempting to solve NFT scalability issues from multiple angles. Check the Asset Whitepaper for all the details on how we are tackling this issue.
  • 51% Attack Protection – Raptoreum combines POW with its Smartnode network to enable LLMQ based Chainlocks. Controlling 51% of the network hashrate is not enough to attack Raptoreum in this way, an attacker would also need to own or control 60% of the Smartnodes on the network.
  • Increasing Decentralization Through Participation – Ghostrider, the POW algorithm developed for Raptoreum by Tri Nguyen-Pham (Raptoreums lead developer) is anti FPGA and anti ASIC. It can be mined either with CPU or GPU, but CPUs have a definitive edge in efficiency. The fact that anybody anywhere can mine Raptoreum (RTM) and receive a reasonable reward increases decentralization of the project.

Raptoreum has a large, and very diverse global community which regularly contributes to the project, increasing its resiliency and improving the overall quality.